Hey there, I am Andrei.

I enjoy creating products that help people solve real-life problems. I am a very empathetic person, which allows me easy to try on and feel people problems. But most importantly, that by nature, I am an extremely curious person, and getting acquainted with any new issue, I do not stop at a shallow acquaintance but deeply study its root, getting to the bottom of it. In addition, my innate attention to detail and sense of style allows me to create sensible and visually beautiful solutions. And I hope that all this together makes me the very product designer capable of creating the finest products.


Jefferson Logo

Thomas Jefferson University

Philadelphia, PA
MS in User Experience & Interaction Design
Aug 2020 - May 2022

The fantastic two years I spent at this incredible university allowed me to understand my weaknesses and enhance my strengths. I acquired new knowledge and skills and boosted existing ones.

I express my unspeakable gratitude and respect to these remarkable professors who didn't let my previous experience shadow my eyes and kicked me off into reality, and forced me to think deliberately and outside the box: Neil Harner, Mike Begley, Anthony Profeta, Lauren Dillard, Renée Walker, Sara Hall, Kyle Chittadino, Jeff D’Aquila, David Morris Weinstein, Timothy Bieniosek

Unecon Logo

Saint Petersburg State University of Economics

Saint Petersburg, RF
Master’s Degree in Business Management
Sept 2004 - Aug 2009

By the time I entered the best economics university in the country, I had already founded an IT company, and my goal was to acquire a strong knowledge in the field of business management. By the time I graduated from this university, I had already obtained practical experience through trial and error. Thanks to these two ways of gaining knowledge, practical and theoretical, I got a solid foundation of how the business works.


Basket Logo

Basket Savings

Arlington, VA
Product Designer
Oct 2015 - Present

At Basket, my responsibility is a continuous improvement of iOS, Android, and Web apps, including UX research, competitive analysis, new feature implementations, prototyping, usability testing, maintaining the design system, writing design specifications and support documentation to ensure platform-wide consistency.

As a part of the engineering team, I collaborate closely with developers, PM, and CTO which helps me design beautiful solutions that are feasible for implementation into our product, taking into account all existing technical constraints.

Findale Logo

FinDale Investments

Moscow, RF
Product Designer
Apr 2014 - March 2022

Over the years, I was responsible for the success of the iFinik Investments product and designed a significant amount of new functionality, features, and financial data visualizations. I also created a design system to optimize the development of iOS, Android, and responsive web apps and led the rebranding of the product under the new Findale name with a new brand identity and updated design system.